Top 3 Truths About Doctors


Until seven years ago I didn't give much thought to doctors. I mean they were there for me when I got sick and took care of my family members when they were in the hospital. But I didn't know much more beyond that. But now that I am an official card carrying member of the doctors wives club (that sounds so cheesy) I wanted to take a second to clear up the top 3 myths about being involved int the field in general:

#1. All doctors aren't rich. 

Sure there are some specialties that still make bank in this economy, but the majority of physicians are trying to balance a budget just like everyone else. Family practice and pediatrics average about $189,000 per year. That is still A LOT of money compared to someone making minimum wage, I get it. But the average worker does not have the $250,000 plus in student loans that they need to pay back. Thats equivalent to a mortgage payment in just medical school loans alone-not including any undergrad. Also medical malpractice can be sky high-OB/GYNS on Long Island, NY pay on average of $186,000 a year. 

I would say the majority of physicians I know live somewhat humbly. They have a nice sedan or two and a large home but it is definitely not the mansions, yachts and private jets that many people assume. Of course there is the exception to the rule, just look at the plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. But with all the debt and practice costs eats away a salary quickly.

#2 Im stuck in the waiting room because the doctor is out golfing….or eating lunch…or screwing around.

I see complaints on Facebook all the time about people stuck in the waiting room for an hour or more. There is nothing worse than waiting and waiting and waiting in a loud, stuffy room ugh. The reasons for the wait may be surprising. The most common reason you're waiting is because your doctor is a compassionate person and is spending time with each patient to answer all their questions. 

Being rushed and not listened to by a physician is a total disrespect and no one likes that. We expect our doctors to listen to all of our concerns and spending time with us is paramount. Its tough to remember that when you've been waiting for 45 minutes but I appreciate the fact that my physician is giving everyone the time they need. Obviously they are sick or hurting or needing answers just like I am and we all should be offered that courtesy.

Other top time consumers are speaking to hospital staff about patients who are currently hospitalized and may be having problems, filling out charts/medical records, talking to insurance companies and dealing with labs.

#3 What sacrifice? They drive a Mercedes!

Yeah your doctor probably does drive a fancy european car. But what they had to do and give up to get that ride explains why they're driving it. Doctors rarely spend time outside of their hospital/clinic. Thats why they like to have nice things when they do get a small amount of time to enjoy life outside of there. 

Sickness and injury never takes a holiday and that means that doctors don't get the chance to take them off either. My husband doesn't even remember what its like to celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving, his birthday, my birthday with me because he is always on call for one or more of them.

He has missed the chance to be in best friends weddings, missed births of his nieces, and not spent a holiday back in his home state in years. All in the name of following his dreams of medicine. So when he wants to drive a nice car or spend a chunk of change on a nice Carribean vacation we do. He has worked hard and sacrificed for everything we have.

Thank you to all the physicians who give up their lives to help save others in the pursuit of health and wellness :) You are appreciated more than you know, even if its not said enough.

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  1. Hi! So glad to find your blog through MM! More people need to know these truths..... ;)

  2. Love it. So. So. True. Thanks for hosting! Happy MM!

  3. To be honest, when a doctor is on time it makes me a bit nervous because all I can think of is that they may have rushed their last patient out to get to me. The best doctors I have had have always been late. Maybe clinics shoukd put up posters listing the top 3 reasons why your physician is late.

  4. LOVE this post! Thanks for your physician-support! :)

  5. Happy New Year, Kelly! Wonderful post - and SO truthful! Thanks for sharing and thanks for stopping by Ray Doc Wife - I appreciate your comments! Be well in 2014 and looking forward to reading you more, more, more!

    Cheers! Ray Doc Wife

  6. I love this list! So true! three very common misconceptions. Happy 2014 :) xo

  7. Not to mention the Junkers they drove for years while just barely scraping by through all the years of medical school and residency...

  8. Thanks for co-hosting this month Kelly! You are right on all points:-)

  9. And to all this, I say AMEN!!! Thanks for co-hosting with us this month!!!

  10. Great post! I love how honest this is and how you hit some key misconceptions!
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hi! Found your blog though MM. Love this post! It's so true!

  12. You are so right. The perception and reality of doctors lives are totally different. I hope you have a good time on your holiday.