Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back Home

The past 6 weeks have seen a lot of action. We moved into our first house which is absolutely gorgeous and more than we could ever ask for :) However...dun dun dun. We have run into major issues with it.

Undisclosed basement leaks are always awesome
Its brand new construction and we are learning now that the builder was unfortunately pretty incompetent in almost all aspects of the construction. It has been a nightmare since we moved in to get him to fix the issues. Were talking major things like basement leaks, roof problems, A/C not installed properly, fireplace not installed properly, and many more little things that would take 5 years to actually list.

So instead of having a warm welcoming my husband and I have been super stressed and making daily trips to Home Depot instead of drinking wine on the back deck. But all that aside we have a plan of action and hopefully all of these issues will be addressed and fixed by the end of the week.

I will post some house pictures soon once we switch from repair mode to decorating mode. Heres a sneak preview decorated by yours truly:

Luckily Mya doesn't mind all the house issues. Love her!

In the meantime I shop to make myself feel better. Retail therapy for the win! I have been on a maxi dress kick lately as you can see from the trio below. I also realized I need to figure out a new pose since all my pix are basically the same. Maybe a hands in the air one next ;) I need a freaking photographer I swear!

The two dresses on the left and center are Stitch Fix. Ill shamelessly plug my referral link here:

I had just gotten on Pinterest ad was geeked to get 125 repins on the picture below. It was kind of cool to see that other people were digging my style and fueling my selfie taking habits.


I finally got in to get my hair done here too. My sister is a super talented hairstylist but lives 500 miles away and couldn't make it up here to do it this time. I reluctantly went to a salon here and it turned out great but there is nothing like the magic touch Ashley has. Cant wait to see her in September!! Its been almost a year since we have been together and I miss her terribly.

Shameless good hair after the salon selfie
I should be posting more from here on out. Thanks for checking back with me xo!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

We in the House

There is probably only one thing that can tear me away from surfing the internet aimlessly and wasting time shopping online and that would be (drumroll please) we just closed on our first home!!

I still can't believe I am typing the word homeowner-it seems surreal. My husband and I have rented apartments through a year in medical school, six years of residency and a year fellowship and now (after quite literally being able to buy a home cash for what we paid in rent) have a place to call our own.

After signing his job contract in the fall we went back and forth over renting again until we found our perfect place. But then we realized a perfect place only exists in your mind and then even if we waited 100 years renting we would still be unsure and confused. So we decided to do it. We went back to Michigan for a 72 hour trip that included seeing about 12 homes and at the end we ended up with this beauty:

It is a perfect fit for us right now, plenty of room for kids (hold your horses mom thats not an announcement of any kind), fantastic neighborhood, a yard for our schnauzer finally instead of her peeing on cement and dead weeds, an office, huge kitchen, an actual laundry room (don't ask why Im excited about this Im still not sure), spa like bathrooms and I hate to brag but a walk in closet that is as big as our first New York apartment.

Once we get furniture for the place and decorated I will definitely share some "after" pictures. Now we get to have to fun of playing interior decorator. Ahhh I still can't believe we actually own something! It was so refreshing to fill out our last rent check ever last week :)

Luckily we have movers coming to pack next week so it will be a relatively painless process, but the unpacking and organizing is another story ugh. Our parents will both be in town which is always priceless when it comes to help. But I don't care I'm enjoying every single moment!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nashville Send Off

Living in Nashville for the past year has been a beautiful and much needed change of pace and scenery from the east coast where I lived for 5 years and the Midwest prior to that.

Surprisingly I am leaving here still not a fan of country music or the show Nashville (gasp)! I guess you can take the girl out of the Midwest and all that ;)

Our time here is winding down-we are moving back to Detroit in 4 weeks! I still can't believe that all of those years of residency and now this final fellowship year have come and gone and we still have an intact marriage and most of our sanity! 

While I am looking forward to being back in my home state I will always have a special place in my heart for Tennessee. Some of the most gorgeous scenery, friendliest people and killer deep fried southern food I have ever encountered. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the volunteer state over the past year:

First time seeing the downtown skyline

Touring our empty apartment 

Which wasn't empty for long-the unpacking aftermath

View from our balcony


Centennial Park

Yes we have beaches here ;)

Mom and daughter trip to Cummins Falls. We had to leave early bc I swear to God I saw 30 huge spiders on the trail. Arachnophobia at it's best ha I ran back to the car.

Greenway across from our house

Cheekwood botanical gardens

Nashville Zoo

Enough said ;)

Until next time Nashville. Thank you for an inspiring year xoxo!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Black Tie Ballin

Last night my husband and I got to attend a black tie charity ball at the Motor City Casino in Detroit. We had a fabulous time and I loved the excuse to dress up :)

I was able to score a rachel pally romanni dress on clearance on (which is my favorite new site so many steep discounts on quality brands). I was originally going to rent but for the price of this dress I had to buy it. It's my favorite material, modal, and was long on me even at 5'10" with 4 inch heels!

Here are a couple pictures. Now I'm looking forward to our next event in November...better start dress shopping now!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fashion Friday 5/9

If you follow me on Instagram @kellysreality you'll probably notice that most of my posts are fashion related. I don't really know how I got into that habit but there is a virtual peek into my closet there and apparently a chance to show off my binge shopping habits oops. 

Now that fellowship is almost over and we actually have some money to spend on discretionary items I have gotten into fashion a lot more and am loving putting together outfits.

Now I am not a fashion blogger or designer or anything like that but I figured I can share some of my bargain shopping items with you guys. I nanny 3-4 days a week and am in food stained tshirts, yoga pants and no makeup the entire on my days off I love to dress up a little bit and look like a human ;)

Here is the latest:

Old Navy Fit and Flare Dress
American Eagle boyfriend jeans, Old Navy tank and zigi soho strut wedge bootie (which I have gotten tons of compliments on-they're so unique)
Old Navy boyfriend skinny pants w old navy tank and Michael Kors wedges
Stitch Fix tank 41 Hawthorne Natasha front pocket sleeveless blouse, AE jeggings and Steve Madden wedges
Gibson blazer, AE boyfriend jeans and Carlos Santana heels

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Objects On Facebook Are Farther (From Reality) Than They Seem

News flash-everyones life is not as shiny, perfect and happy as it may seem to be on Facebook. I had a discussion with a friend of mine the other day and she was in tears saying how her life is incomplete because she constantly compares her life to her Facebook friends. She felt awful for not being married yet or having children, because that is what her news feed was full of. That broke my heart.

I had to remind her that first of all almost everyone purposefully portrays themselves in a positive light on there. Not everyone, I have seen some juicy marital spats and friendships end literally before my eyes when I read through some peoples stauses and comments. But for the most part Facebook has become a platform to show off.

The reality is that no one is sitting around posting pictures of themselves when they are having a really low day and are feeling fat, or their cellulite is showing or their face is breaking out so bad. Pictures are posted of shiny new cars, not dented, high milage rusted out about to break down. Perfectly coiffed family portraits with children in pristine white clothes are shown daily. How they even managed to keep a kid clean for 5 minutes is beyond me. But no one posts pictures of their toddler with the runny noses, vomit, dirt and scrapes that is reality for parents. Married couples smiling and holding hands may look like the president and first lady, but dig deeper and this is a couple that is about to get divorced and fights nightly.

I'm guilty of it too and used to be really affected. I would look at girls I used to go to high school with and be jealous that they still looked good (or even better-damn them!) and still hung out with the same popular crew I was never a part of and so desperately wanted. I would see so many skinny, fitness model type friends who when they would post bikini pics I immediately started hating my body.

But again-Ive heard the saying don't compare your behind the scenes (aka your not so glamourous daily reality) to someones highlight reel. As soon as I start comparing myself I have to stop-get off their page and look around at my own life and start counting my blessings-health, marriage, financial stability, my family and friends.

I also stopped posting lots of pictures and statuses that could be considered bragging and really try to think about the message I am trying to send before posting. Of course I want to share the happy moments and millstones with my family and friends but I also want to make sure I'm doing it for the right reason and not just to show off or make it look like my life is so perfect. Because its not...just like everyone else's.

Facebook Fantasy:

Perfect hair (check), makeup turned out nice (check), halo like glow behind me (check)  Yep Facebook worthy

Facebook Reality:

Literally look like a tin hat conspiracy theorist. Yeah this isn't going on Facebook…behind the scenes baby!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Does a Doctor's Wife Look Like?

So when most people think of a doctors wife a few things pop in their head: Louis Vuitton bags, stepford wife, huge expensive SUV's, mansion, big honking diamond rings. Alright I'll give them that…perhaps a doctor many years out of practice and in a specialty that still reimburses high may indeed have a wife like that.

But I am talking about the rest of us. Those who still have doctors in training, those with student debts that look like mortgage payments, those who are struggling through medical school. The "average" doctors wife, and I use that term very loosely since being a wife to a physician is anything but an average job, will look something like this:

1. Overworked. With husbands that work 80-100 hours a week many wives also play the role of dad, housekeeper, cook, chauffeur, basically just like any other wife who has a husband who works long hours or has to do it alone.

2. Budgeting. The average physician leaves medical school with a little under 200k in debt. That can be a mortgage payment a month just to pay those babies off. Plus add in any undergraduate loans or spouse loans and you can see where lots of the money goes.

3. Health Conscious. Doctors are the worst patients and most of those that I know don't take care of themselves the way they should. Add in high stress levels at work, lack of sleep and hospital food (enough said)  and it is a recipe for disaster. I personally try to make sure that quality food/exercise at home is a priority. I hate cooking with a passion but have recently found easy, healthy recipes we both can enjoy (tolerate?). Of course I bake tons of goodies but I make sure we both have a good, healthy balance.

I should cook more of this

But end up eating more of this most of the time-hey life is all about balance!

4. Alone. Hey I am all for my alone time-I need it and appreciate it. But there are obviously times that I wish my husband could be home to enjoy events with me-holidays, birthdays, anniversaries. But those dates are just normal work and call days for doctors. I have gotten so used to doing things alone that every time my husband is actually around to go somewhere with me I look at it as a bonus. At the end of the day I didn't marry a 9-5 guy and I am ok with that-thank God I am fiercely independent because those who aren't often struggle in physician marriages.

Yeah I see my schnauzer more than my husband


It isn't all gloom and doom. Doctors wives have great perks. I would never sit here and pretend that my life sucks and I sit around pouting all day. My husband will make a great salary, we can afford a gorgeous home, we take tropical vacations and I am the better (ha) half of a man who heals people for a living.

Doctors wives come in all shapes, sizes, ages, wife numbers and attitudes. I can't lie that I probably look just like the damn stereotype tall, blonde, young, in shape-but hey I'll accept that I look like a doctors wife it is certainly not the worst reputation I could have ;)

I don't know if this is doctors wife looking enough Loubitons and all ;) -side note:the dress was a bargain $25 at American Eagle. I will always be about fashionable finds for a good price.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Getting the Celebrity Look for Less

Being on a tight budget doesn't have to mean mean the end of your fashion and style. I know how it feels to have little disposable income for clothes (hello resident salary and high cost of living state for 7 years). But I have found that by using Pinterest I can pin the outfits from celebrities who have a similar body type and style I want to emulate. Then I can turn around and find the exact same pieces on ebay or poshmark for a fraction of the cost new. If I can't find an identical piece or if its still too pricey I just look for a very similar piece that I can get for an affordable $.

All it takes is a little research and some time and you can have the looks for less like I have.

Kate Middleton-if there is one woman whos wardrobe, style and class I could emulate it is 100% her!
Found a similar print dress at American Eagle in the clearance section for $25
Love or hate her Kim Kardashian still has a rocking style
Gibson blazer I got on poshmark for $25 and AE jeggings, necklace from for $25

Kate Beckinsale has a casual chic style I appreciate 

Victorias Secret Pink tshirt, American Eagle boyfriend jeans as a cheaper alternative. I will try to find cute pumps like hers next time too-love that look.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Medical Mondays-We're Buying a House (Well Maybe)

So after 7 years of moving across the country, renting apartment after leaking roof/loud neighbor/I have to get my lazy butt off the couch to take my dog for a walk since we have no actual yard apartment we are finally looking for our first home! My husband will finish his spine fellowship at the end of June and we will be heading to Detroit next week to tour some homes that we have narrowed down onto "the list".

I always say this but it is such a surreal experience. When my husband and I first met 8 years ago we talked about how life would be after medical school and residency. We spent hours talking about what our first home would be like and would drool over houses that we found online.

Living in NYC and Nashville for training we always knew that those places were temporary so we rented. When I think about all the money we there away for rent (aka we could own a home free and clear now) it makes me sick. We also put up with our fair share of rude, money grubbing landlords, screaming neighbors, leaky roofs (literally every place we have rented it follows us like a black cloud), and just not having a place to call our own is about to come to an end. Well maybe.

We have a list of about 10 houses we plan to do a marathon weekend of looking at. Luckily I am from the area we are moving back to but am still no expert, especially since I haven't even lived in the state for 7 years. So we are placing our housing fate into the hands of a real estate agent and about 52 hours worth of ground time before we fly back.

I look back on all of the major decisions in my life and I have to just trust that God and the universe will place us exactly where we need to be. Life has always worked out like that and I have to have faith it will continue to. When I fight against something or try to force it, it never works out.

Being a type A super planner, going with the flow is not something I am used to doing at all. But now I need to. We decided to go into it completely open minded, check out the houses and we feel like we will just know if we find "the one". If its meant to be its meant to be and if not, we will probably just rent for a year or so until we can find it.

I am thankful that we are even in a position to be able to purchase a home and at the end of the day that is something many people will never have an opportunity to do. It is a privilege I am not taking lightly and will try enjoy the whole process :)

Oh and side note I am so incredibly sad and devastated that we missed out on this baby:

It sold for a mere $102 million cash out in L.A. Apparently some French billionaire got there before we did. Sigh…we could have had our own mini White House ;)

So any first time home buyer tips??