One year of awesome


You think I would start feeling like a real mom after a year. Its still surreal to me that I created this little human and that he's mine forevah. I sometimes look at him and ask "are you really mine"? 

This past year has been the most exhausting, stressful and fulfilling I have ever crossed off the calendar. Somehow we got blessed with the worlds worst sleeper (yay us) and he has not slept through the night once in 365 days. Somehow your body and mind just adjust and I was one who before kids needed like12 hours a night so thats saying a lot. I just got rid of any expectations and assume Ill never sleep again ha-that way Im never disappointed in the morning. 

But in all seriousness though I am very fortunate to have a healthy, happy little boy and if I have some broken sleep hey in the grand scheme of things whatever. Lots of my friends complain about time going so fast and how they wish their babies would stay little. I kind of look at it different though. Not every child is lucky enough to be able to celebrate another birthday and I am so happy to be able to watch time pass and see him grow right before my eyes. 

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from our one year shoot. We got to do them in our kitchen and had a cooperative baby. I wish I could have a pro photographer follow us around every day I love how they turned out!

Bad hair day in the am shockingly looks good in this one!
He is my son! Loves cake
The look on his face!

One from earlier in the day to show what real life vs. edited photos is like

September Stitch Fix


I'm finally coming out of the newborn fog since my little guy will be 3 months on Friday! Now that he's almost sleeping through the night (God bless America!) I've been taking more trips out of the house. I feel human again and turned to stitch fix for some cute new clothes. 

Sorry for the grump face pictures but I was able to get all this tried on while the baby was napping! Here's what I ended up with this month:

Market & Spruce Alan French terry asymmetrical zip cardigan. So soft and really cute for a light fall jacket. I like it both zipped and unzipped:

Market & Spruce Pacci Cowl Neck Serater. Very cozy and perfect for the cool fall days coming up:

Henry & Belle Paulie high waist skinny jean. Quite possibly the most comfortable jeans I've ever put on. And that's coming from a 3 month postpartum mom with some work on the middle to do! Long enough and so soft I'm in love:

Pixley Kendahl skirt. This is really cute but I had to suck in a bunch to get it on. Breathing might make this difficult to wear around ha. It's too bad because
I'm looking for more dressy pieces to wear to charity meetings and functions:

Lastly this fun2fun Broderick cut-out detail top. It was too tight and short on me but hey 3/5 isn't bad for this fix:

If you're wanting to try out a fix for yourself check out my referral link:

He's Here!


Well he has actually been here for 6 weeks now. I'm finally coming out of the zombie sleep deprived mode and wanted to share a couple pictures. I have a fantastically talented friend who took some newborn shots for us and I am thrilled at how they turned out.

We were able to use his dads stethoscope and reflex hammer and incorporate it in these shots-so fun!

I found the cutest little scrub set when I first found out I was pregnant and seeing him in them was just the cutest thing ever :) Being a mom is by far the best thing I have ever done, every exhausting minute. The love you can have for this tiny little clone of you and your husband is beyond words.

Baby Boy Nursery Tour


We finally got our nursery finished this weekend! I will be 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow and its so nice to have this crossed off the list. Now all it needs is a little boy to complete the look :)

Even before we found out we were having a boy I knew I wanted to do a classy, more mature neutral nursery. I loved the look of restoration hardware baby rooms and set out to replicate that but in my own way.

I went with a pallet of neural colors. The paint color is coventry grey by Benjamin Moore and I am so pleased with it. I could have paired really any colors with it, such a fabulous neutral. In fact my mom and sister have actually painted their bedrooms this color they liked it so much!

We ordered our crib, dresser and bookshelf from a Michigan company called Windmill Designs and this is the Waverly collection. It was all custom made right here in our home state and a nice solid wood. It was totally worth the 4 month wait!

The animal wall art is from etsy and she has the most adorable custom nursery artwork I've found! Check her out here

The crown, elephant rocker and letter K are from Restoration Hardware. The crown was actually my first purchase and we kind of worked the room around it, going with silver accents.

The rocker is by Monte and is the Joya. It is very small and not the super plush, large glider that many people are used to. It fits our smaller room perfectly and I think it will do the trick for late night nursing sessions. Its also the leather version so Im hopeful it will be easier for clean ups.

The elephant wall print is from Pottery Barn kids and so is our bedding (the Taylor organic collection) and rug which has a cute elephant print as well.

Picture Perfect


Checking in at 31 weeks pregnant today. I have felt phenomenal throughout the whole pregnancy and am so lucky to really be able to enjoy this time fully. Still wearing heels and have probably felt more confident with a baby belly than I ever have pre-pregnancy. I can't wrap my head around the fact that we will be meeting our son in the single digit weeks now!

A friend of mine who is a photographer shot some maternity pictures this past weekend I have to share. She is so talented and I love how they turned out. We shot at a nature preserve and the rain held off just long enough to get some great shots. You can check out more of her work here especially if you're in the Michigan area.

We are having out Iowa baby shower this weekend and then our big Michigan one the following. Time has always flown by as I got older, but now its on overdrive. This pregnancy has flown by and I have to make sure to really enjoy these last few weeks and all the excitement and family visits to come :)