One year of awesome


You think I would start feeling like a real mom after a year. Its still surreal to me that I created this little human and that he's mine forevah. I sometimes look at him and ask "are you really mine"? 

This past year has been the most exhausting, stressful and fulfilling I have ever crossed off the calendar. Somehow we got blessed with the worlds worst sleeper (yay us) and he has not slept through the night once in 365 days. Somehow your body and mind just adjust and I was one who before kids needed like12 hours a night so thats saying a lot. I just got rid of any expectations and assume Ill never sleep again ha-that way Im never disappointed in the morning. 

But in all seriousness though I am very fortunate to have a healthy, happy little boy and if I have some broken sleep hey in the grand scheme of things whatever. Lots of my friends complain about time going so fast and how they wish their babies would stay little. I kind of look at it different though. Not every child is lucky enough to be able to celebrate another birthday and I am so happy to be able to watch time pass and see him grow right before my eyes. 

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from our one year shoot. We got to do them in our kitchen and had a cooperative baby. I wish I could have a pro photographer follow us around every day I love how they turned out!

Bad hair day in the am shockingly looks good in this one!
He is my son! Loves cake
The look on his face!

One from earlier in the day to show what real life vs. edited photos is like

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