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For those that don't know Stitch Fix is a really fun personal shopping service that picks 5 items of clothes/accessories and ships them to your door. No trying clothes on in a cramped badly light dressing room that makes your cellulite pop ugh. You get to try them on in the comfort of your own home and often they are pieces you would never chose for yourself but may be surprised.

You have 3 days to decide if you wish to keep some, all or none of the items. You pay a $20 styling fee for each shipment which comes off the total of clothes you buy. Shipping and returns are free. You complete a style profile, tell them what your looking for and your fashion preferences, link a pinterest board if you have one and voila.

You can chose a price range you are comfortable with so mine may not end up being the same cost yours would but I put the prices in here for reference. To be honest these prices for the shirts have turned me off a bit. I feel like I could get the same for about half of the price elsewhere. I may need to decrease my prices on their website so I get less expensive pieces next time.

This is my second box and while I haven't been thrilled this time or last it is still so fun to have a surprise at your door each month (or less you choose) and for 20$ to not have to go to the mall is worth it for me.

If you would like to sign up you can click here: and I'll get a referral credit to keep fueling my addiction ;)

Here is what I got this month:

First up was a Tart Cliff Graphic Print Roll-Tab Henley Shirt ($88).

It was really soft but I prefer my shirts to be a little longer and wasn't sure about the lower cut. There wasn't a button at the top so hello push-up bra cleavage ha! I feel like I would be more likely to keep it if it was half this price-seems expensive for what it is.

Second was a Daniel Rainn Kerra Crew Neck Lace Blouse ($68).

Again I wish it was longer and more fitted. This is really not my style at all but I do like how feminine it was. On the fence about this one.

Third was a Pomelo Sam Hi-Lo Short Sleeve Tee ($44).

This shirt is really long in the back and really nice and flowey. Its different than the typical vintage tees I usually wear from Gap or Old Navy. I like this and need a basic grey tshirt in my lineup.

Fourth was a pair of Mavi Ruxin Distressed Boyfriend Jeans ($128).

I had asked for a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans and these came close but I hate the acid wash. They fit fine but the color is not my style at all. I wanted something lighter and more modern.

Lastly was a Pomelo Oxford Layered Chains Necklace ($52).

I asked for a statement necklace but this is stating a bit too much for me-too edgy for my liking and I couldn't get the chains to lay flat for the life of me. Next time I will ask for a more dainty necklace. This one looks like a bike chain!

So help! What should I keep and what should I send back?

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  1. Honestly, at those prices I think you should LOVE everything you are wearing, and it doesn't sound like you are anywhere close to loving them. You are "on the fence" or they are just okay. I can be "okay" with a lace top I got for $20 at Target or Forever 21, but a $68 lace tee better be the shiznit, KWIM? The henley is cute, but again, you could find similar at AE or Gap for less. So...that's my take. If you don't love them they're not worth it!
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