Viva Las Vegas...and how to embarrass yourself in front oftheBackstreet Boys


Ok so this basically sums up my entire Vegas trip:

Apparently I forgot that I am now 32 with a toddler at home who hasn't slept in his entire 21 month existence. But hey, a quick weekend away from him to tag along for a medical conference with the DrH is a way to prove I still got it right??

Even though my blog has been super neglected lately I have had a chance to meet some really fun new friends though it. One of them (Bre) happens to live in Vegas (that lucky girl). I had met her 3 years ago through the blog and we met in person last time I was out there. Her husband is a physician as well and its so cool to meet people and just have that connection with a stranger.

Serendipitously the Backstreet Boys are doing a residency in Vegas when I was out there! I have been a BSB fan since 1995. Always an A.J. girl what can I say Im a sucker for bad boys.  Im not even going to count the years I've been a crazed fan and make myself feel old, but BSB for life baby! I met them once before before a concert in NYC so we signed up for the Vegas meet and greet. Because when you are in Vegas the same time as your pre-teen, teen, twenties and thirties crush thats what you do.

The whole time we were waiting in line I was getting oddly nervous despite downing a few pre-game cocktails at the Plaent Hollywood bar. There were a lot of interesting characters, outfits and outbursts from the girls in line. One girl in front of us asked security if she would be kicked out if she licked their face. This was after flashing the photobooth about an hour earlier. Thats one way to rock your confidence I suppose...

So I kept telling Bre we needed to just keep it cool and not fangirl and freak out. After all we aren't teenagers anymore right? Right?!

A vodka Redbull was no match for BSB nerves . Bre bought some new shoes in the mall right before the show because he feet were killing her lol.
So the time finally comes like 3 hours after waiting in line and they are all there and turning to look at and hug us. Cue teenage Kelly. I was so nervous I scanned the lineup of men and  all I could think to say is "I need to stand next to someone tall". Nick kind of gave me a confused, weird look and A.J. responded "Well, I'm not tall so...." Ok so in reality only Nick and Kevin are taller than me so maybe it was a valid request? I don't know?

In 30 seconds it was all over and I was left with this awesome picture and wishing I could have a round 2 and actually keep my composure this time. Hey it could have been worse, I'm sure they have seen and heard it all right? Did I mention the lick his face girl??

BSB plus Bre and Me
Joey Fatone playing the bachelor and getting alllll the roses

Oh and Joey Fatone from NSync and Trevor Penick from O-Town were in the audience that night too. It was like a boy band liquid dream-hope you get the reference gosh thats bad.

The rest of the trip was fun, the Cosmo is a gorgeous hotel with the best milkshakes in the world at Holsteins check this baby out!

I ate this myself yay carbs

This was in our room. The suites here are something else!
I need to see this in the real Paris next time

Our room main floor
Our room top floor
Private hot tub was so cool (hot?)
Now we came back to reality where it is 20 degrees out and my toddler still isn't sleeping. I am desperately wanting to plan a trip back to Vegas this summer before time is up and see the show again. 20 some years later backstreets back alright and still got it!

What are your favorite Vegas memories or must sees?

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