September Stitch Fix


I'm finally coming out of the newborn fog since my little guy will be 3 months on Friday! Now that he's almost sleeping through the night (God bless America!) I've been taking more trips out of the house. I feel human again and turned to stitch fix for some cute new clothes. 

Sorry for the grump face pictures but I was able to get all this tried on while the baby was napping! Here's what I ended up with this month:

Market & Spruce Alan French terry asymmetrical zip cardigan. So soft and really cute for a light fall jacket. I like it both zipped and unzipped:

Market & Spruce Pacci Cowl Neck Serater. Very cozy and perfect for the cool fall days coming up:

Henry & Belle Paulie high waist skinny jean. Quite possibly the most comfortable jeans I've ever put on. And that's coming from a 3 month postpartum mom with some work on the middle to do! Long enough and so soft I'm in love:

Pixley Kendahl skirt. This is really cute but I had to suck in a bunch to get it on. Breathing might make this difficult to wear around ha. It's too bad because
I'm looking for more dressy pieces to wear to charity meetings and functions:

Lastly this fun2fun Broderick cut-out detail top. It was too tight and short on me but hey 3/5 isn't bad for this fix:

If you're wanting to try out a fix for yourself check out my referral link:


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