Dirty 30


So I am officially a member of the dirty 30 club now. I haven't really matured mentally or sense of humor wise past the age of 19 so it feels so strange typing that out ha! We had a party over the weekend at our house and it was fantastic. It was the only time since my wedding that all of my favorite people were in one place to celebrate with me. 

Here are a couple pictures:

The obligatory selfie before the party started
My cake! I was most looking forward to this out of everything. I couldn't find a bday cake that I liked so this one is a modified wedding cake...only me I swear.
A before shot. I used mason jars with flowers as centerpieces. Now I can reuse the jars as cute drinking glasses.
Take a lucky guess if I get my height from my mom or dad
We hired a comedian to do a roast and was the best $ ever spent. He made fun of everyone there including me, my husband, my parents, brother. No one was safe. Hilarious and really made the party :)
Surprise Louboutin booties from my husband. I was really shocked to get these and very thankful. I told him the party was present enough but I am one lucky lady.
Making a 30th bday wish at the end of the night

I think that age really is just a number. Some of the people who look the best and have such a youthful attitude even though they are in their 40's, 50's or older all say that keeping a young and happy attitude towards life is their secret. So apparently that means I am as much fun as two 15 year olds now!

Thanks to all my family and friends near and far who celebrated with me and offered birthday wishes. Now I am ready to plan the next party. I think event/wedding planning is in the cards for me...I would get to do all the fun behind-the-scenes stuff with someone else's budget hmm.


  1. What an awesome party and a great way to celebrate your 30th! What a great idea to have a comedian there! I bet that was a huge hit. Love the dress, cake, shoes....everything! Happy 30th. It's not so bad here once you get used to it. :)
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  2. Looking great girl! I turned 30 this year too--welcome to the club!

  3. Happy Birthday girl!!! I'm going to be turning 30 at the end of October...eeeekk!! I jokingly told my husband that I will just spend the day in bed crying with a bottle of wine. HAHA! He told me I'm not allowed because "he has plans". Uh oh...I'm in trouble I think. lol Oh and I'm sooo jealous of your shoes! Awesome hubby award!

  4. Happy birthday. Such lovely photos and comments.
    "I'm as much fun as 2 15 years old now" this is just brilliant.

  5. Those boots!
    you rocked them! Happy belated birthday!