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The past 6 weeks have seen a lot of action. We moved into our first house which is absolutely gorgeous and more than we could ever ask for :) However...dun dun dun. We have run into major issues with it.

Undisclosed basement leaks are always awesome
Its brand new construction and we are learning now that the builder was unfortunately pretty incompetent in almost all aspects of the construction. It has been a nightmare since we moved in to get him to fix the issues. Were talking major things like basement leaks, roof problems, A/C not installed properly, fireplace not installed properly, and many more little things that would take 5 years to actually list.

So instead of having a warm welcoming my husband and I have been super stressed and making daily trips to Home Depot instead of drinking wine on the back deck. But all that aside we have a plan of action and hopefully all of these issues will be addressed and fixed by the end of the week.

I will post some house pictures soon once we switch from repair mode to decorating mode. Heres a sneak preview decorated by yours truly:

Luckily Mya doesn't mind all the house issues. Love her!

In the meantime I shop to make myself feel better. Retail therapy for the win! I have been on a maxi dress kick lately as you can see from the trio below. I also realized I need to figure out a new pose since all my pix are basically the same. Maybe a hands in the air one next ;) I need a freaking photographer I swear!

The two dresses on the left and center are Stitch Fix. Ill shamelessly plug my referral link here:

I had just gotten on Pinterest ad was geeked to get 125 repins on the picture below. It was kind of cool to see that other people were digging my style and fueling my selfie taking habits.


I finally got in to get my hair done here too. My sister is a super talented hairstylist but lives 500 miles away and couldn't make it up here to do it this time. I reluctantly went to a salon here and it turned out great but there is nothing like the magic touch Ashley has. Cant wait to see her in September!! Its been almost a year since we have been together and I miss her terribly.

Shameless good hair after the salon selfie
I should be posting more from here on out. Thanks for checking back with me xo!


  1. Oh man! Hope you get all if the issues resolved quickly �� dealing with all of that is one of my (and probably everyone's) fears in home buying. Can't wait to see pics and I love those dresses!

  2. Wow I love those Stitchfix dresses! I'm head over heels about them too! Have you tried Vain Pursuits? They're kind of like Stitchfix but for beauty...

  3. You look great in maxi dresses.