We in the House


There is probably only one thing that can tear me away from surfing the internet aimlessly and wasting time shopping online and that would be (drumroll please) we just closed on our first home!!

I still can't believe I am typing the word homeowner-it seems surreal. My husband and I have rented apartments through a year in medical school, six years of residency and a year fellowship and now (after quite literally being able to buy a home cash for what we paid in rent) have a place to call our own.

After signing his job contract in the fall we went back and forth over renting again until we found our perfect place. But then we realized a perfect place only exists in your mind and then even if we waited 100 years renting we would still be unsure and confused. So we decided to do it. We went back to Michigan for a 72 hour trip that included seeing about 12 homes and at the end we ended up with this beauty:

It is a perfect fit for us right now, plenty of room for kids (hold your horses mom thats not an announcement of any kind), fantastic neighborhood, a yard for our schnauzer finally instead of her peeing on cement and dead weeds, an office, huge kitchen, an actual laundry room (don't ask why Im excited about this Im still not sure), spa like bathrooms and I hate to brag but a walk in closet that is as big as our first New York apartment.

Once we get furniture for the place and decorated I will definitely share some "after" pictures. Now we get to have to fun of playing interior decorator. Ahhh I still can't believe we actually own something! It was so refreshing to fill out our last rent check ever last week :)

Luckily we have movers coming to pack next week so it will be a relatively painless process, but the unpacking and organizing is another story ugh. Our parents will both be in town which is always priceless when it comes to help. But I don't care I'm enjoying every single moment!


  1. great news. what city?

  2. Congratulations, Kelly! Truly. You know I'm sharing your excitement. Totally looking forward to following your housewarming. :)

  3. Hi. So exciting. What city did you guys decide on?

  4. My boyfriend just started his first year of neurosurgery residency and I stumbled upon your blog while looking for something to ease my stress while I receive frantic texts from him as he struggles through a call night. Thank you for providing hope that one day things will get better!

  5. Congrats. Uhh I want to decorate a home too. Have been begging my bro to allow me help him decorate his apartment. Such fun, esp if it was not your own hehe.