Nashville Send Off


Living in Nashville for the past year has been a beautiful and much needed change of pace and scenery from the east coast where I lived for 5 years and the Midwest prior to that.

Surprisingly I am leaving here still not a fan of country music or the show Nashville (gasp)! I guess you can take the girl out of the Midwest and all that ;)

Our time here is winding down-we are moving back to Detroit in 4 weeks! I still can't believe that all of those years of residency and now this final fellowship year have come and gone and we still have an intact marriage and most of our sanity! 

While I am looking forward to being back in my home state I will always have a special place in my heart for Tennessee. Some of the most gorgeous scenery, friendliest people and killer deep fried southern food I have ever encountered. 

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the volunteer state over the past year:

First time seeing the downtown skyline

Touring our empty apartment 

Which wasn't empty for long-the unpacking aftermath

View from our balcony


Centennial Park

Yes we have beaches here ;)

Mom and daughter trip to Cummins Falls. We had to leave early bc I swear to God I saw 30 huge spiders on the trail. Arachnophobia at it's best ha I ran back to the car.

Greenway across from our house

Cheekwood botanical gardens

Nashville Zoo

Enough said ;)

Until next time Nashville. Thank you for an inspiring year xoxo!


  1. What a beautiful city! I am itching to try something new with my family and Nashville has been on my radar. :)

  2. Hi, Kelly. I found your blog by Googling "blogger, we're buying a house." There are lots of results but I've been looking to read a blogger who's going through this experience at the same time I am! :) I'm also returning to a place I've known before.

    Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and let you know I'm anxious to read more about your move!

    1. Oh cool! We are moving in next weekend and I will def post some before and after pics. Good luck with your move too Ill be checking in with you :)