What Does a Doctor's Wife Look Like?


So when most people think of a doctors wife a few things pop in their head: Louis Vuitton bags, stepford wife, huge expensive SUV's, mansion, big honking diamond rings. Alright I'll give them that…perhaps a doctor many years out of practice and in a specialty that still reimburses high may indeed have a wife like that.

But I am talking about the rest of us. Those who still have doctors in training, those with student debts that look like mortgage payments, those who are struggling through medical school. The "average" doctors wife, and I use that term very loosely since being a wife to a physician is anything but an average job, will look something like this:

1. Overworked. With husbands that work 80-100 hours a week many wives also play the role of dad, housekeeper, cook, chauffeur, basically just like any other wife who has a husband who works long hours or has to do it alone.

2. Budgeting. The average physician leaves medical school with a little under 200k in debt. That can be a mortgage payment a month just to pay those babies off. Plus add in any undergraduate loans or spouse loans and you can see where lots of the money goes.

3. Health Conscious. Doctors are the worst patients and most of those that I know don't take care of themselves the way they should. Add in high stress levels at work, lack of sleep and hospital food (enough said)  and it is a recipe for disaster. I personally try to make sure that quality food/exercise at home is a priority. I hate cooking with a passion but have recently found easy, healthy recipes we both can enjoy (tolerate?). Of course I bake tons of goodies but I make sure we both have a good, healthy balance.

I should cook more of this

But end up eating more of this most of the time-hey life is all about balance!

4. Alone. Hey I am all for my alone time-I need it and appreciate it. But there are obviously times that I wish my husband could be home to enjoy events with me-holidays, birthdays, anniversaries. But those dates are just normal work and call days for doctors. I have gotten so used to doing things alone that every time my husband is actually around to go somewhere with me I look at it as a bonus. At the end of the day I didn't marry a 9-5 guy and I am ok with that-thank God I am fiercely independent because those who aren't often struggle in physician marriages.

Yeah I see my schnauzer more than my husband


It isn't all gloom and doom. Doctors wives have great perks. I would never sit here and pretend that my life sucks and I sit around pouting all day. My husband will make a great salary, we can afford a gorgeous home, we take tropical vacations and I am the better (ha) half of a man who heals people for a living.

Doctors wives come in all shapes, sizes, ages, wife numbers and attitudes. I can't lie that I probably look just like the damn stereotype tall, blonde, young, in shape-but hey I'll accept that I look like a doctors wife it is certainly not the worst reputation I could have ;)

I don't know if this is doctors wife looking enough Loubitons and all ;) -side note:the dress was a bargain $25 at American Eagle. I will always be about fashionable finds for a good price.


  1. Great post and thanks for sharing your reality!! Sounds similar to mine!

  2. I haven't been to a medical conference before and I'm going to San Diego this fall with my better half. We were recently married and I am 54. Do you have any advice about what to wear to the dinner party? I am an artist and don't usually wear anything but jeans and flats. We aren't clubbing folk!