Getting the Celebrity Look for Less


Being on a tight budget doesn't have to mean mean the end of your fashion and style. I know how it feels to have little disposable income for clothes (hello resident salary and high cost of living state for 7 years). But I have found that by using Pinterest I can pin the outfits from celebrities who have a similar body type and style I want to emulate. Then I can turn around and find the exact same pieces on ebay or poshmark for a fraction of the cost new. If I can't find an identical piece or if its still too pricey I just look for a very similar piece that I can get for an affordable $.

All it takes is a little research and some time and you can have the looks for less like I have.

Kate Middleton-if there is one woman whos wardrobe, style and class I could emulate it is 100% her!
Found a similar print dress at American Eagle in the clearance section for $25
Love or hate her Kim Kardashian still has a rocking style
Gibson blazer I got on poshmark for $25 and AE jeggings, necklace from for $25

Kate Beckinsale has a casual chic style I appreciate 

Victorias Secret Pink tshirt, American Eagle boyfriend jeans as a cheaper alternative. I will try to find cute pumps like hers next time too-love that look.


  1. You were dead on with the looks! And Kim K has an amazing style. You definitely have to give her credit for that. I love the pink blazer with the jeans look. I need to create that look for myself immediately lol.

    Loved the post!

  2. LOVE your celebrity recreations Kelly! Kim K is pretty crazy and has some...unique fashion choices a lot of times, but I think I even have a few outfits of hers pinned because she gets it right sometimes. And I would wear every inch of that pink blazer outfit as styled by you and her. I agree, it's really not that hard to dress like a celeb (at least, their everyday wear, not red carpet stuff) when you break down the look and shop for similar stuff. :)
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