Being Married to a Doctor...the Photo Version


Being married to a doctor ain't what it's cracked up to be. Wait actually it is...every moment. Well unless you really don't like being alone which in that case....Judge for yourself ;)

1. Living in Amazing Places

I've resided in places during residency that I never even imagined and learned so much more about other people and myself in the process. Living 500 miles away from family will do that to ya.

2. Birthdays (and lots of holidays) Alone

3. Lots of Takeout 

Well someone has to cook-I would offer but I couldn't find the takeout menus. My husband is actually a fabulous chef but can't usually find the time/energy to whip up a 5 course meal post-call for some reason.

4. Plenty of time to explore new hobbies and adventures without him

Like jewlery making...

5. A chronically exhausted husband (and dog apparently too)

One of the many downsides of working an 80-100 hour work week. I try to let him catch up on sleep as much as possible but it's hard when I have so many crazy adventures and places I want to explore together.

6. I'm spoiled 

No, fancy gifts never make up for the time he is gone-and shoes don't love you back. But come on-how amazing are these!? Even more amazing = I can walk in them without tripping most of the time.

7. Incredible vacations

Vacation time is hard to come by as a surgeon so we make the absolute most of our limited time together and appreciate traveling. It's so wonderful to see him relaxed, stress free and as far away from the hospital as humanly possible!

8. Alone Time Most of the Time

I spend more time with my dog than my husband and I can't lie and say it's the best thing ever. I am fiercely independent but still miss him and feel like I can never get enough of him. Plus side-we almost are guaranteed never to get sick of each other!

9. Lots of drinking gets me though 

Kidding (mostly) but I am a sucker for chocolate mint martinis cheers! 


  1. My husband isn't a doctor but he's in real estate and flies all over the country! So I can certainly relate to the being alone part! But getting to fly anywhere with him for free definitely helps! Great photo montage! And gorgeous shoes!

  2. BAH HA! I BET you have your hubby wear his doctor outfit in the bedroom.... BAH AH AH! Inappropriate? I THINK NOT ;)

    Sounds like you're kind of LIVING THE DREAM a little bit!! Ever make trips to LOS ANGELES?!?!?!

  3. Those shoes! Ooh la la! They are gorgeous. You are obviously married to a very smart man. This was such a fun and interesting read from an outsider's point of view. And how have I never had a chocolate mint martini? I need to go out drinking with you sometime! Maybe one of your vacations or residences needs to be in SoCal. :) -Gina
    On the Daily Express

  4. Hilarious! Make some babies and you won't be so lonely but you'll sure be exhausted because that hubby of yours won't be able to wake up to feed the babies. I am super happy having two kids and working part-time from home while also having my boxing and figure skating hobbies!

  5. Wow I wish my boyfriend could afford those shoes as a cardiothoracic surgery fellow. We can barely make rent with both of our salaries. Lol

  6. Hi Kelly,
    Yea, I can see that there are a lot of ups and downs to being a Ms. MD. :) However, on the plus side I've nominated you for a liebster award! Checkout what that means here: I'm looking forward to seeing your responses! :)