Back...In Black


I had some gift cards from Christmas burning a hole in my pocket and was able to get some great new clothes for a fraction of the price combined with some great post-holiday sales (score)!

I will always go for comfort over fashion. My outfits have to be soft, moveable and make me feel confident. A tall order. I'm also not afraid to bargain shop either and could care less what label it has or where it came from. If it makes me feel good, then that to me is high fashion!

I also realized that apparently I am afraid of color. Maybe the single digit temperatures will do that to ya who knows. Black has always been my go to color and is most of my closet-sounds kind of weird but it's also my favorite color (and no I'm not a witch-well on most days). Here are my recent grabs:

Lululemon post practice cardi. Crazy expensive without a gift card but so cozy!

Express Tunic

Express Fleece Blazer, Express Tank, American Eagle Jeggings

Statement necklace from Nordstrom

Proof I do wear color! Dolman tunic from, lululemon leggings, coach boots


  1. Glad to see your Christmas money went to some great pieces! Love your choices here - especially that fleece blazer and tank look! So cute. Thanks for linking up. :)
    On the Daily Express

  2. Ahh, but that red sweater is just freaking amazing on you! But, I know nothing beats classic black sometimes!
    Great grabs! And like Gina said - thank you for linking up!!