Why I'll Never Have a Thigh Gap and I'm Totally Fine With That


No thigh gap here...moving on. 
But you can still be healthy and happy without one. Bonus points for a cheesy facial expression like mine ;)

I don't know about anyone else but some of the images I see online that are supposed to be inspirational/fitspo only inspire me to feel bad about myself.

Like I've mentioned before I have mad respect for the girls that dedicate their lives to a fitness or bodybuilding lifestyle that includes a strict diet and hours in the gym each day. As long as they're doing that in a healthy way you guys rock and keep it up!

But for me that type of lifestyle is not something I choose to follow. Bedsides my massive sweet tooth would get in the way of a no carb diet obviously ;) I try to eat clean and healthy like 80% of the time but I don't shy away from enjoying a dessert out to dinner with my husband or cookies on the weekend, or donuts for breakfast occasionally or...well you get the point.

The latest obsession with getting an inner thigh gap baffles me. A lot of that is genetics and does not account for girls who have more muscular or just bigger thighs in general (I am a prime example). 

Not bashing girls who have it-different body types are fabulous and every one should be celebrated. What I'm saying is that I have always carried my weight there and if I gain a few pounds that's where it always goes.

Finding jeans and can be a challenge since many of them aren't designed for curvier girls with a butt and thigh action going on. But even worse is when I hear about women hating their bodies because their thighs touch. Please let's stop the insanity over this!!

Let's change the focus from what our body looks like on the outside and embrace what we feel like on the inside and follow health not diet fads. Our bodies do so much for us like breathing, walking, thinking, hearts beating that not appreciating that and focusing on what society calls flaws seems so senseless. 

So I'll take my big thighs, cellulite, fat days, skinny days, days where I feel hot, days when I hate looking in the mirror and just accept it for what it is. I'd rather be happy with my life and enjoying every moment than waste one more second trashing my body when it is so amazing.

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  1. From a person who actually has a thigh gap, I hate it, and I don't understand what the huge obsession with "thigh gaps" is about. I honestly wish that girls who want to have 'thigh gaps' can see that girls WITH thigh gaps are actually (mostly) underweight, and lack nutrition. And it's actually hard trying to get bigger. I wish people would see that they are perfect the way they are as long as they make the effort to eat healthy and exercise. *high five* for positive self image.

    xox Ingrid from Style Prosciutto