So this is why he does it


My husband received a beautiful Christmas card yesterday from a former patient that quite honestly sums up why he got into neurosurgery, how he pushed through 7 years of residency and what keeps him going on dark nights.

The card was simple and short and brought tears to my eyes. "You made me able to walk again". "Your patients are lucky to have you" and "I can't thank you enough". One simple handwritten note has completely changed my perspective on my husbands job.

I get frustrated and angry when he isn't home on time. I complain about his call schedule and him working holidays. I even question why I married a doctor at times because life is tough. But now with this I feel like have all the answers to those questions. Medicine is a calling and I am blessed to be even a small part of it.


  1. :) That is so sweet. It's funny how just a simple card expresses as much kind sentiment and gratitude as any other monetary gift. What a thoughtful patient!

  2. I love reading your blog! I'm so happy your husband's patients are acknowledging him and showing thanks! I always try to send cards (or even better..chocolates!!!) to my physicians AND their partner/spouse because I have read your blog about how much sacrifice you have to make.

  3. Notes like that encourage you in the dark days of medicine. That note brought an automatic aww from me. Sometimes the lives we impact, the difference we make and the ability to be selfless( turn from the me self centered perspective) makes it worth it. this blog really made me smile
    merry Christmas and happy new year in advance!

  4. In a field full of crazies and malpractice suits it's nice when patients acknowledge a Dr's hard work!

    I work for a GI Surgeon & a Neurosurgeon, and it's nice to hear patients compliment my Dr's, and tell them thank you.