Holiday Dress Up


I love getting dressed up and holiday parties are a perfect time to do so. Being a nanny means my typical uniform is jeans and a ratty tshirt so I really look forward to dressing like a grown up :)

Express dress, statement necklace from, Swarovski bracelet 
Express shirt and lululemon leggings 
Old Navy skirt and scoop neck tee, statement necklace from express, payless flats dexflex most comfortable shoes ever!
My beachy waves attempt. I try to curl my stick straight hair for special events. Watch out Blake Lively I'm coming for your locks!

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  1. Beach waves ATTEMPT? No, you pretty much mastered it. Your hair looks gorgeous there! Great selection of looks and I spy lots of fun pieces from a certain store that is sure to get you linked up nicely on Friday. :)

    On the Daily Express

  2. Great post! I can't wait til my hair grows longer. I'm done with the long bob. I'm going to grow it out so long that I'll only need to wear a belt around my waist. haha. So serious though!

  3. You're stunning! That lace dress is perfect on you! And you make me want that portofino! Thanks for linking up, lady!

  4. Love your hair! Do you mind sharing how you got your beachy waves? I have similar super straight hair and have never mastered curls.

    1. I just posted a new entry about beachy waves today :) Keep on the look out for a video I'll post too. Hope that helps!

  5. love your blog! :)
    would you like to follow each other via Bloglovin?

  6. You look stunning in that dress! I love that statement necklace too. You could totally pair that with a casual outfit! So versatile! xo