Doctors Wife: A Dirty Word?


Recently I got into a debate with some girls over the term "doctors wife". I was surprised to hear that they absolutely hate being refered to as that. Some even go so far as to correct the other person and make sure their displeasure is known.

It's funny because I am on the other end of the spectrum. I am so proud of my husband and all of his accomplishments I proudly accept that label and wear it like a badge of honor all the time :)

I understand where they are coming from though. Many felt that by being "only" a doctors wife that it demeaned and belittles who they are. Indeed I am so much more than a doctors wife as well so I totally get it. 

I am literally married to medicine and inevitably his career shapes our lives, conversations and marriage. I think of it as being in a sorority and if I see another wife with the medical "letters" I go all "oh my god your a delta beta gamma too" on her.

So I don't know what's right or wrong but for better or worse I am a doctors wife. And I'll be damn sure to wave that flag proudly. After all suffering through years of medical school, residency and fellowship alongside him has to give me at least this one perk right ;)


  1. Great to connect with you here via MM Blog Hop! I'm a Doctor's Wife and proud of it! Glad to hear you feel the same way! Here's to medicine!

    Ray Doc Wife

  2. While I'm EXTREMELY proud to be a doctor's wife, I think I would die if I ever heard anyone refer to me as such. I can understand both sides of the coin. However, if someone ever pointed to me and whispered to their friend, "That's 'Your Doctor's Wife'" I'd have to smile! :)
    Thanks for linking up for Medical Monday! Happy Holidays!

  3. I like this post, I was actually thinking about blogging about my changed perspective on Doctor's wives when I got plugged in to the blogging community. I never realized that the wives actually go through EVERYTHING, the highs, lows, moving from one state to another , etc and are the support system. Bravo shows like "married to medicine" did not help my perception but I can definitely say it has changed

  4. I feel like I'm right in the dead center of this "debate." haha
    I am SO, SO proud of all of my husband's hard work (and let's be honest, all of mine too!!) and the reality is, I am married to Kyle, who is a doctor, and thus I am a doctor's wife ;)
    But, obviously no one wants the negative connotations that go along with that label. I certainly don't. I'm successful on my own accord and proud of my work too. I think it's the way the "title" is used and how we respond to it that shapes the way people view us, not the "title" in and of itself.

  5. I love that you allow anonymous posts because I don't want my strong opinions on the internet attached to me forever because I am a "doctor's wife". gasp! I agree that we should wear the label proudly. I think if anyone wants to have a negative position on the title they are silly. How can one not be proud? And for those obnoxious awkward neighbors who point their fingers with sour grapes "there goes the doctor wife"... don't lose sleep over them. They couldn't walk a day in our shoes, the ones full of blood and poop or the $1,000 red soled shoes. Jussayin'