Bargain Shopping


Shopping is a girls best and getting things on sale is my wallets best friend.

I took a gamble on an online store (bbstyledbotique) selling cheap leggings and a scarf and this is what I wound up with. The quality isn't the highest but I'm really loving this look and even if I get a few wears out of it I'm happy :)

Another amazing find I've been wearing lately is the bobeau asymmetrical wrap sold at nordstrom. It is really soft and comfy and perfect for looking out together and relaxed when I fly.

Finally my lululemon addiction has reared it's ugly head again. I got this on final sale it's called the CYB tank and I basically bought it because I love the back. Everyone knows cute workout clothes help you work out harder right!?


  1. I think cute workout clothes make you work out...period. Who wants all that money to go to waste or have the cute outfits go unseen! I like your cozy looks this week...which leggings are you wearing in the pic with the Nordstrom draped cardigan?

  2. I love the leggings! I have a black & white Aztec pair from Target that I've been wearing a lot and now I may need some colored ones!

  3. You are killing me with your leggings! They look great on you! I've decided I need some with Christmas money!
    The bobeau looks great on you - it isn't flattering on all people, but I love it on you!
    Thanks for joining the link party!

  4. Those leggings are so cute, good find. I love finding a bargain!!!

  5. I was in Target this morning and saw similar leggings and immediately thought of you. I bought my first pair of leggings too. I now need a cute pair of shorts or skirt to wear it with. I know...eek...I said skirt!


  6. Lovely outfits! The asymmetrical wrap is so beautiful and looks great with leggings or skinny pants and riding boots.