Are Selfies Ruining How We See the World?


Guilty as charged with the selfless. However my hair and makeup were in rare form so I gave myself a pass ;)
I will sheepishly admit that I take my fair share of selfies (aka pictures of myself). Hey how else are we going to know exactly which side is our good side or how precisely to pose when a friend is taking a picture? But the problem I see is that some people are becoming absolutely obsessed over pictures of themselves.

You don't have to go far to see how self-portraits are taking over the world. Many of the top Instagram accounts are strictly girls posting selfies and usually wearing very little except for the ever present duck face.

Call me weird but I tend to think there is more to life than just churning out pictures of myself to the world. Sure if I have a good makeup or hair day Im going to show that off-but come on who really wants to scroll through massive quantities of pictures that are only posted to make other people jealous, horney or annoyed?

I honestly don't get it. Isn't there more to offer in this world of social media? Sure you can show us your face but how about how you live? Places you've traveled? Interesting people you know? The beauty of nature? Volunteer work? Landmarks in your city? Even your ten cats I don't really care! But show me something of substance already.

The modeling, fashion and beauty industries already inundate us with images that we will inevitably fail to live up to. I really dont know that I want to keep scrolling through Instagram feeds or Facebook updates of people who are just showing off their vanity/greed/materialism and very little else.

Again, I am not going to be a hypocrite here and lie and say I never post pictures of myself. I do. I am just starting to look at it different now and be more wise in the way I present myself. I ask myself three questions before posting:

1. What is the purpose of sharing this picture?

If its to make other people envious or to show off then it doesn't need to be up there. Life is hard enough for all of us and shoving my possessions or nice life in someones face doesn't need to be done to make it any harder.

2. What message do I want to send?

I live far away from most of my family and enjoy sharing my life via pictures. My favorite ones to share are my husband and I, my dog, vacations, and daily life. I like to think of it more as keeping in touch. But posting my luxury car, or a copy of a restaurant bill…umm no. Not nessecary.

3. How would I feel if my grandpa/dad/third grade teacher saw this picture?

Yeah we may be young, or young at heart but you really can't control who sees what anymore and how it is shared. If there is a picture I wouldn't feel comfortable with the people who I respect the most seeing then that should be a red flag. Always be proud of yourself but keep in mind the negative message and feelings it can potentially send.

So at the end of the day I guess I just want to say share real life with me. Show me that who you are means a whole lot more than just a picture of your face.


  1. I am definitely guilty of posting lots of selfies. Unfortunately it's just become the thing to do and started when I had no one to take any pics of me for my blog. Now I just roll with it and try to stay up to date with social media. It's so ridiculous and I agree completely, however I do follow a lot of fitness models for inspiration and I need their half naked bodies as motivation!! ;) I always love how honest your posts are! xoxo

    1. Great blog turquoise blonde :)The fashion and beauty blogs I totally get the selfies. At least they are for a purpose. What gets me is the girls and guys who just post pictures of themselves all day long especially inappropriate ones.

  2. wish I was cute enough to post some selfless, but it's mostly pictures of my runs and such lol!

    1. Girl I'm sure you are cute! Embrace the selfie ha.

  3. Great post and I agree with a lot of your sentiments!! Thanks for stopping by! Enjoying catching up on your posts! I love your "voice"