Vamping It Up In Vegas


Greetings from Las Vegas! I tagged along for my husbands medical conference and had a blast :) Finally got to dress up and go out a couple nights. The top dress is from Express and the second is from H&M.

Highlights included:

*Being called on stage for the finale with David Copperfield!! He made me disappear in front of the whole audience-such a blast! I can't say how he did it-sworn to magic secrecy ;) But I got to meet him and was given an autographed picture.

*Cirque de Soleil was phenomenal O was water based and the acrobats and divers blew my mind.

*The Chippendales show-enough said!

*Tao restaurant was pretty good and gorgeous inside. Overpriced and such a long wait to finally sit though.

*Weather was perfect and got to lay out by the "Eiffel Tower".

Great relaxing time overall and I am excited to come back and see more shows. And you can totally do Vegas on a shopping budget both of those dresses were under 60$. Now the food and drinks are another story...

Anyone have good Vegas stories of their own?

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