Old Navy Obsession


Growing up Old Navy wasn't neccesarily the "cool" place to shop. Not like I had any cool clothes anyway, but I will save my Fashion Disasters: the Younger Years post for another day!

Being 5'10" with Stretch Armstrong arms and legs can make it tricky to find cute clothes. Enter Old Navy. Their tall selection has saved my wardrobe (and my husbands wallet).

My husband going through medical residency meant a limited budget and even more limited shopping trips. Now that we are finally done with that spending freeze we have both been able to slowly expand our wardrobes.

I'm looking forward to bring able to add some higher end pieces as well but honestly if you can get cute clothes for a discount why the heck not?? I really don't care about labels I only care how I look and feel and that is priceless. Man I should write company slogans ;)

Any fav stores of yours bargain or high end?


  1. Ooh, I like your blue snakeprint shirt there. And I agree with your thoughts about where you shop- spending more money doesn't necessarily make someone look better! :)

    On the Daily Express

    1. Im shocked at what I can find at Old Navy and for a decent price (score!). Although I am partial to Express like you ha. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Old Navy never lets me down. Loving everything here. You look fabulous. xx

    Up now, a little gift from Lauren Conrad & the nail wrap collection I designed.

    1. Thank you! Its nice to have a store like Old Navy that has really cute options without breaking the bank.