Makeup and Hair Near Disaster…Or Why I'm Too Nice


My hair and makeup after I had to re-do it myself.

Last weekend my husband and I attended a charity masquerade ball that was described as black tie. I am usually really simple with my hair and makeup (aka severely lack much skill in that department outside of my standard straight locks and natural face). I had been wanting to try a cool new beauty place to get my hair and makeup done for it.

So they day came and bless the hair girls heart I don't think her 45 minute time slot was any match for my really long tangly hair. She proceeded to wash and blow-dry and then curl my hair which took literally two hours. I had asked for Blake Lively beachy waves but sitting in that chair for so long I would have rather jumped into a beachy wave and drowned that sit any longer ahh!

It looked really cute and bouncy so I proceeded over to get my makeup done. I asked the girl for a smokey eye and a neutral lip, really glam for the nighttime event. She used a brand of makeup I had never heard of and ended up making my skin super shiny and oily. I also loathed the lip color. I am used to having my makeup done by MAC or a specialized makeup artist for the rare event when my husband is actually out of the OR in time to go with me. So while this place tried they did not hit the mark and I knew I wouldn't be returning basically as soon as I sat in the chair.

By the time my makeup was done a half hour later my hair had completely fallen flat and was starting to frizz. Now instead of mentioning something to my hair girl or even a manager I just paid and booked it out of there knowing I had just wasted $100 and would have to try to salvage the hair and makeup myself. I am such a wuss at confrontation and would literally just pay any price to avoid it, even if that includes being unhappy. I have this weird thing that I don't want to rock the boat or cause any conflict so I tend to stay quiet. I always fear what the other person is going to say back to me.

Please tell me I'm not the only one with this issue!? Is there anything I can do to overcome it?

Oh and the event was really nice and all the proceeds went to an animal shelter which I am passionate about. My husband and I looked amazingly coordinated and stylish if I do say so myself ;) So I can't complain (too much). For your viewing pleasure:



  1. Oh girl. I once ended up in the chair of my husbands EX GIRLFRIEND and we found this out MID HAIRCUT. Not only did I have to sit through the entire haircut hearing stories about the dates she went on with my husband during high school, but my "trim" ended up turning into about 8 inches (my hair was mid back length and ended up at my shoulders). I didn't say anything. But boy did my husband hear about it when I got home. I will ONLY use referrals now.

  2. Awww that sucks that you had to pay for nothing. I'm the same way. I avoid confrontation all the time! I feel like they worked so hard and I never want to hurt someone's feelings. Even if I get a bad dye job on my hair, I don't have the heart to go back, I usually try to get it fixed somewhere else. A normal $100 hair appointment costed me $300 one time. Ughh!!! You both look incredible!!!

    xo Mel
    turquoise blonde